Best Things to Do at Home on a Rainy Day to Escape Reality

Best Things to Do at Home on a Rainy Day to Escape Reality

As the phrase says, don’t rain on my parade. However, sometimes a rainy day is exactly what you need to get in the mood for a cozy day at home with some fun activities rather than forcing yourself to be productive. It’s much harder to laze about or enjoy hobbies rather than be a functional human being during the sunnier days. 

1. Play Video Games

Gaming is always a fun activity, but there’s nothing better than grabbing a bunch of snacks, listening to the rain, and loading up whatever you play on. Visiting a new world truly has never been easier with all of the technology we have readily available to us.

If you’re more into browser games, then there are plenty of good ones to try out. For instance, digitized classics like blackjack online are great for those who prefer card games or casino games. There are plenty of platforms like that allow for 24/7 access to their users to a myriad of casino games, from the aforementioned blackjack to modern slots with varying themes.

In the same sphere, puzzle games like Unpacking or a Little to the Left could be great options. Both are based on slotting items, either by decorating a room/home or solving a puzzle with typical things you’d find at home. The vibes are cozy, and sweet, perfect to be played not only on the PC but also portable consoles like the Switch.

If you’re into something more adventurous, you can try to play a good old action RPG. Arguably one of the best ones is a typical dungeon crawler called Fate developed by WildTangent. While it is a bit dated, there’s something charming about its art style, plus who can say no to an effectively endless number of dungeon levels? 

And if charming old RPGs are not for you, then you have to check out the recently released Baldur’s Gate 3 – especially if you are an avid DnD player. You can create your own unique character, romance your party members, and blast through enemies with fun spells and gory weapons all while exploring the vast world of Faerun. 

The turn-based style of fighting is ideal for the tacticians out there who’d rather think through a battle than just make reflex-based decisions and button-spamming rage-inducing action. Plus the main quest, the plot of the game essentially, is to get rid of a parasite inserted into your brain – a very interesting concept.  

If action RPGs are not for you, there’s always the cozy Stardew Valley or Animal Crossing. And if you wanna live your dream life out – then The Sims is the one for you. For those tired of the EA-popularized endless money-grabbing packs, then you can hold out for the Paralives release, although it’s unclear as to when that is actually coming out.

And we cannot forget about the ever-popular shooters. Whether you prefer the first-person-shooter Halo: Reach or third-person shooters like Resident Evil 4, there are countless options. For the survival/battle royale lover, Fortnite is a must-play for a fun and colorful game with the goal of annihilating your enemies.

Ultimately, it doesn’t matter what you choose, whether it is an epic fantasy adventure or a cozy simulation. Taking the time to enjoy yourself on a rainy day rather than let it get you down is vital for your mental health. Besides, gaming is now a mainstream activity so you can easily find a buddy to enjoy it with if you’re a more social person.

2. Read a Book

If you want the same vibes of immersing yourself in a new world, but want to be more of a viewer than an active participant, then reading is the way to go. There are millions of books already released, from dystopian sci-fi fiction to mesmerizing non-fiction memoirs written by interesting people.

For those who are regularly on BookTok, a popular TikTok sub-section, then you’ve certainly heard of the A Court of Thrones and Roses series (ACOTAR). Filled with fae, magic, romance, and epic battles, it’s a great starting point for those who want to enter the high fantasy world.

You can also check out classics like George Orwell’s 1984, a book that was able to predict the modern Big Brother issues we are currently facing. Alternatively, for a delightful romantic novel, you should turn to anything by Jane Austen. Most popularly, Pride and Prejudice that spawned several cinematic adaptations.

If fiction is not for you, then non-fiction books like Stephen Hawking’s Brief Answers to the Big Questions will prove to be a fascinating read. For the self-help loves then Atomic Habits by James Clear or The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck would be better. Books are an endless source of information and creativity, that will only add to broadening your mind, as long as you let yourself be open to it.


Don’t let a rainy day bum you out, and don’t burn yourself out by pushing yourself to be productive on a day that’s meant to be slow. Getting lost in an immersive game or a book is the perfect way to not only have fun but also enjoy yourself. So, if you typically struggle to give yourself the time to do it, then take a rainy day as a sign.

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