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Managing Multiple Social Media Accounts as an Agency

It is not uncommon for brands to hire a digital marketing or social media agency for managing their social media accounts. While social media management may seem like an easy task at first, it is actually very time consuming and requires a specific set of skills. When replying to user inquiries, for instance, you have to maintain a positive tone while providing users with the answers they need.

It is not any easier for digital marketing agencies either. With more businesses turning to social media sites to engage their customers directly, demand for social media management services is on a steep rise. An agency can manage hundreds of social media accounts at once, and that poses some serious challenges.

Rise of Social Media Platforms

Social media in general is becoming more popular among brands and corporations; but not all platforms are the same. LinkedIn is used by B2B businesses and marketers. Instagram is perfect for connecting with younger audiences through visual means. Facebook, on the other hand, is still the go-to social network for the majority of people, despite all the new newcomers.

Social media platforms are welcoming brands, too. Almost all of them, including TikTok, have business accounts with specific features. Instagram offers its in-app analytics only to business users. Facebook and LinkedIn have business pages.

Managing multiple accounts, however, is still not easy. There are tools designed to work with multiple social media platforms. But businesses still need to create unique content for each platform, invest time (and energy) into engaging customers, and keep their social media pages up to date.

Content That Converts

The real challenge is consistently putting out content that engages the customers. At the end of the day, social media users follow accounts with the most valuable content, one that they find useful. Producing high-quality content, posting it on social media, and dealing with the replies takes time. Not all businesses have the resources to manage their own social media accounts.

Digital agencies offer services that simplify social media management. Businesses can simply brief the agency and focus on delivering a good customer experience through social media channels. Everything else, from producing content to answering replies, is handled by the agency.

The best agencies already have the experience and expertise in dealing with social media users. This means they know exactly the kind of content that converts and incites loyalty – and how to produce that type of content. Once the content is ready, agencies use the same tools to manage hundreds of accounts at the same time.

Agency vs. Social Media Sites

That brings us to the next problem faced by agencies managing hundreds of accounts: restrictions from social media sites. Many of the terms and conditions prohibit the use of multiple accounts by one person. With the fight against bots and fake accounts heating up, the challenge becomes more difficult to deal with.

Hundreds of accounts need to be managed concurrently, and that means keeping them logged in at all times. Since they are often controlled using the same set of tools, social media sites may see them as being run from a single IP address. Many brand accounts get flagged as bots or fake accounts because of this.

Social media platforms don’t offer exceptions either. It is not possible for agencies with hundreds of client accounts to have the IP addresses whitelisted. This is very bad for business: flagged accounts get temporarily suspended, and that is something companies cannot afford to deal with in today’s competitive market.

Social media platforms are unlikely to change their terms anytime soon, so agencies are forced to be more creative. As a result, they have started turning to proxy services to mask their IP addresses. Proxies are handy for altering the IP addresses used to connect different social media accounts.

Integration of Proxy Services

To take it a step further, proxy services can be integrated seamlessly with the social media management tools used by top agencies. The tools automatically match IP addresses with social media accounts, and all the agencies have to do is use Instagram proxies – or proxies for other social media platforms – to get around the restrictions. For example, Instagram proxies allow managing hundreds of Instagram accounts from the same device. They do this by simply rotating the IP addresses used to connect to Instagram in an organic way. If you want to read more information about Instagram proxies, visit https://proxyway.com/best/instagram-proxy.

This is far from being the perfect solution. But it is a solution that helps agencies keep their clients’ accounts away from suspension. Social media proxies are still the best option for digital agencies today.

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