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10 Tips to Becoming More Efficient at Work

I am sure you have days at work where you feel you have accomplished nothing and days when you seem to have gotten through a mountain of work. I have put together 10 tips to help you be more efficient at work.

1. When you get to your desk in the morning jot down all your tasks for the day.

You can then assess which are most urgent and organize your tasks for the day accordingly.  When you jump from task to task without proper organization you waste a lot of time and you are less likely to meet your deadlines.

2. Organize your desk properly.

Clean out your drawers and make sure whatever stationery you use on a regular basis is easily accessible.  You may not realize it but an hour in your daily schedule could be wasted on searching for a stapler.

3Conversations are great but cut down on the chit chat.

You may work with a very friendly and chatty person.  Chatting can take up a lot of time, way too much time. Say things like “Sorry can’t talk now in the middle of something”.  We all like to have friends in the office so during breaks show your colleagues that you are happy to chat.

4Take your breaks.

People that work nonstop for two long are heading for a breakdown and a few minutes of fresh air is good to refresh the mind.

5. No social media.

Get internet access at home or use your smartphone at home for your social media.  At work you are busy with your employer’s time and just quickly checking on your friends status could lead to much more time spent on social media than what you promised yourself.  Unless you want to use social media for marketing at work it is a big NO, NO.

6. Educate yourself.

The more you learn about your work the more efficient you will become.  If you keep yourself updated on the latest innovations in your industry, your knowledge will start to show.  Who knows you could even be up for the next promotion.

7. Arrive on time.

If you are getting to work late you are going to feel rushed all day. Try and change your morning habits and arrive at work as early as possible.  If you are able to get to the office before things get busy you can organise your day well.

8Ask for help.

If you are unsure about a task do not try and waffle around it, immediately ask for help.  I know some employers are not understanding and expect you to instantly know everything.  If you are too scared to approach your employer ask your colleagues or do research online.

9. Listen carefully.

If you are not getting what your tasks are the first time or misunderstanding what you need to do you are wasting a lot of time.  Listen to what is required carefully the first time around.

10. Use the tools that you have around you effectively.

I like using excel because it is such a time-saver you put in a formula once and then you just have to add your new data and it is all there for you.  Using your computer software and other tools well you can save a lot of

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