How To Get Motivated To Clean When Overwhelmed By Mess

You get into your room, clothes everywhere, make-up stains, shoes not on the racks, you even forgot to take out your mini trash bin, and its full urrhh. You’re almost depressed but you have got to clean up, you decide to eat because you feel it’s going to take forever to tidy up and you need all the energy, getting into the kitchen, it’s like a real enemy came over to do some nasty magic, cuz, how did your kitchen achieve so much mess? What with dirty plates all over the island, trash bin full of trash and the trash Is even falling off, haaa…now you know depression! Okay you take your food to the dining area and you see your table is full of stuff not meant to be on a dining table, huh! Well, food is for consumption, and consume you must. After relaxing for some moments after eating, you go to the toilet to pee, you instantly reject your toilet, you just can’t be the owner of the dirty walls and brown toilet and bathroom, now you are weak from the traumatic stress of so much mess. You need to get a grip, so you go to the sitting room to get a hold of yourself; you see the further mess all around, dust all over the Television, discs all over the shelf top, and couch pillows everywhere. At this moment you couldn’t even be bothered, you give up cuz only a cleaning machine can fix all the mess. And this has been the attitude all the time because instead of cleaning up you just move things around and you’re not a dirty person just that you have so much work to do and not much time to spare and even when you do have the time, you just want to rest. You are not alone in this and almost no one enjoys cleaning up any type of mess.

Well, you need not see cleaning up the mess all around as mission impossible. This article has been specially put together just for you because it will give you tips on how to get motivated to clean when overwhelmed by the mess.

Tips On How To Get Motivated To Clean When Overwhelmed By Mess

1. Read A Book That Motivates You To Clean Up Mess

You need the motivation to clean up dirt or clutters that bring about messiness. Getting and reading good books on clean-up just before you start cleaning can be the right motivation you need. Examples of such books are

(The Manual For Bringing Order To Your Life, Home and Routines) By Martha Stewart

2. Invite a Friend Over (A Critic)

Inviting a friend over should motivate you to clean up, especially one who likes to give opinions on things without being sorry. Knowing there is someone who frowns at messiness coming over should galvanize you into action!

3. Watch A Video On Cleaning

A visual might also help you to clean up earlier. Watching someone clean methodically would help you to know how to clean better, from where to start, how to organize things, and time management. You can check out these YouTube videos

4. Play Your Favorite Songs

Music makes things feel less stressful. A fitting song, especially a sing along kind of song would keep you happy while doing some good cleaning. Imagine you stepping in tune with a jam and cleaning up the mess. You won’t even know when you are done cleaning up.

5. Get Family Or Friends To Help Out With Cleaning

Knowing you are not alone in cleaning up and there are people ready to help out with the mess would certainly motivate you. Imagine you chatting with friends or family, making jokes and laughing, and cleaning up. You guys would be done before you know it!

6. Tell yourself “I Am Cleaning Up This Mess Today! Nothing Can Stop Me!”

Mindset matters a lot. Setting your brain into Cleaning mode helps to motivate your spirit and body into cleaning. In fact, any time you just want to sit too long, talk for too long, eat slower or get preoccupied with certain irrelevant activities, keep the ‘cleaning today!’ mantra alive in your mind. Because you have just got to do the needful.

7. Time Yourself

Setting a timer to clean up areas that are messy in portions should motivate you to clean up faster. Knowing that after each messy section, you have fewer sections to clean up gets you wanting to clean up an area faster to finish up the whole area.

8. Get Everyone Around To Help Clean Up

From toddlers to adults, everyone should be given cleaning responsibilities according to their age and strength. Kids could be given the job of picking up litter around and passing cleaning instruments to the older ones. Adults should do the major cleaning.

9. Promise Yourself A Treat

Knowing that after doing the almighty cleaning you are going to enjoy yourself gives you a sense of reward. You can fix visiting a spa, going to the movies, getting some nice food, or even chilling in bed all day and reading some nice novels.

10. Avoid Distractions

You want to clean up the mess around, you put on your tv and tune it to your favorite station or you bring in a neighbor, friend, or family member who is too chatty and talks far longer than they help you clean up. What are you trying to achieve? No Cleaning! Don’t let this happen to you.

11. Tell Yourself You Deserve Some Fresh Air And Space

Remember how you used to enjoy the clean, fresh air and reasonable space before the mess? Yes! You need to experience it again. You deserve good things! This should be a strong motivation for you to clean the mess.

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Written by Viral Fresh

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