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There are 13 things about Taylor Swift you probably didn’t know.

There are 13 things about Taylor Swift you probably didn’t know.

Taylor Swift has been making music business history and receiving prizes for her talent in songwriting and singing for a long time.

There are a few things about the country singer who transitioned to pop that you might not be aware of, even if you probably know the words to all of her hit songs.

Here are some Swift-related facts you might not be aware of:

She wrote every song on her third album, “Speak Now.”

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Swift had the chance to collaborate on songs with legendary writers in the business (such as Max Martin, who contributed to “Bad Blood” and “Blank Space”), but the lyrics for “Speak Now” are entirely original to her.

According to CMT, Swift revealed in a 2010 online video chat with fans, “I composed all the songs myself for this record.”

She went on, “Actually, that wasn’t done on purpose. Simply put, that is how it turned out. Since I didn’t have a co-writer available and it was three in the morning in Arkansas, I would just complete it. The same thing would then occur once more in Nashville, New York, Boston, and other cities.”

Swift grew up on a Christmas tree farm.

Taylor Swift has a song about Christmas tree farms, too.TaylorSwiftVEVO

The singer claimed to have spent her formative years on a Christmas tree farm between the ages of 5 and 10 in a 2014 interview with Esquire.

“Growing up there was so strange. However, it has solidified my unusual degree of excitement for fall and the subsequent Christmas season “She spoke to the media.

She even recorded a Christmas song in 2019 called “Christmas Tree Farm,” which features footage from her early years.

She wrote a book when she was a teenager.

Embed from Getty Imageswindow.gie=window.gie||function(c){(gie.q=gie.q||[]).push(c)};gie(function(){gie.widgets.load({id:’M119nhnmS21bKdBor16lUQ’,sig:’aCllASJdRvBS79eppd_vaMx9ziOLTY9VcK69j-zN2LE=’,w:’406px’,h:’594px’,items:’81319610′,caption: true ,tld:’com’,is360: false })});Swift said in a 2015 GQ cover story interview that she created the book “A Girl Named Girl” when she was 14 and that her parents still have a copy of it.

She appeared on an episode of “CSI: Crime Scene Investigation” in 2009.


Taylor Swift on “CSI.”CBS

CSI with Taylor Swift, CBS

Swift made an appearance on a “CSI: Crime Scene Investigation” episode in 2009. Her character was ultimately killed.

She was the maid of honor at her childhood friend’s wedding.

Embed from Getty Imageswindow.gie=window.gie||function(c){(gie.q=gie.q||[]).push(c)};gie(function(){gie.widgets.load({id:’AKXPPm_WS65pY5Mo97jVWg’,sig:’uMu4Ma57K8bj9gkr3Bz1aRnYk4_wyanGG1ItIa50jfU=’,w:’413px’,h:’594px’,items:’513166880′,caption: true ,tld:’com’,is360: false })});In 2016, Swift returned to her hometown of Reading, Pennsylvania, for the wedding of her childhood friend Britany Maack.

Vogue reported that, during her maid of honor speech, Swift said, “Real love doesn’t mess with your head. Real love just is. Real love just endures. Real love maintains. Real love takes it page by page.”

She rode horses as a kid.


Taylor Swift also rode a horse in her “Blank Space” music video.Taylor Swift/YouTube

Swift revealed in a 2016 interview with Vogue that her mother wanted her to become a horseback rider.

Swift informed her mother she didn’t express her enthusiasm for riding because of this and continued competing until she was 12 years old.

Some of her lyrics are things she’s wanted to text people in real life.

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Swift admitted that she occasionally draws inspiration for her lyrics by writing “burns.”

In a 2014 interview with Rolling Stone, Swift stated, “Sometimes the phrases in a song are lines you wish you could text-message somebody in real life.” I would simply keep coming up with zingers like, “Burn. That would really get her,” etc.

After her concerts, she sometimes watches “Friends.”


Taylor Swift said she also enjoys crime-related shows.NBC

The singer-songwriter has stated that her favorite show that isn’t airing right now is “Friends.”

After giving performances in front of tens of thousands of people and interacting with fans, she told GQ in 2015 that she prefers to go home and run a little distance.

She said she wrote “Blank Space” quickly but “All Too Well” took the most time to write.


The “Blank Space” music video has millions of views.YouTube

Swift admitted that “Blank Space” took the least time to write since “[she] had] written a lot of the lines down before in the year prior the session,” while “All too Well” took the longest. This was disclosed in the 2016 Vogue’s 73 Questions With Taylor Swift.

Swift said, “I kept putting it down for months on end. It’s a really heartbreaking song.

“Kiss Me” was the first song she learned to play on guitar.

Embed from Getty Imageswindow.gie=window.gie||function(c){(gie.q=gie.q||[]).push(c)};gie(function(){gie.widgets.load({id:’Ul8WEOk3TxJJ9-CtFrvaTQ’,sig:’bj_RHmiArhxb5IHUi7YnqwirOLJuPz_P7kCgeE3eYC4=’,w:’395px’,h:’594px’,items:’164849421′,caption: true ,tld:’com’,is360: false })});She admitted that the Sixpence None the Richer hit “Kiss Me” was the first guitar piece she ever learnt in this interview with Vogue.

She’s got her go-to drive-thru order down.

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In the same interview with Vogue, Swift was asked what she would order from a drive-through window, and she responded that she would get a cheeseburger, fries, and chocolate shake.

Swift owns three cats.


Taylor Swift’s cats are named after TV characters.Instagram/taylorswift

Once, Taylor Swift declared that she would get a chocolate shake. Getty Images/Andrew H. Walker

When asked what she would get at a drive-through window in the same interview with Vogue, Swift replied that she would want a cheeseburger, fries, and a chocolate shake.

She’s written a lot of songs for other artists.

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The lyricist is responsible for songs like “Better Man” for Little Big Town and “You’ll Always Find Your Way Back Home,” which served as the theme song for the “Hannah Montana” film.

She’s even used aliases when writing; in 2016, Swift’s PR representative told People, “Taylor Swift penned ‘This Is What You Came For’ under the alias Nils Sjoberg.” The song was for Calvin Harris, a performer.

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