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The 5 Best US Cities to Visit

A memory of our 2017 vacation at Hawaii’s most popular beach  - Waikiki. There’s only one like it, where the long sets of waves allow even the most inexperienced to hire a Malibu Longboard and give surfing a go.  So much to enjoy in Waikiki, even with it’s popularity. Somehow people get absorbed into the many hotels, bars, shops, tours and, of course, the beach and Pacific Ocean. We hired a convertible Mustang to tour the island - great day out! (Photo taken from the Sheraton Hotel through glass)
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Honolulu, Hawaii

If you’re looking for a tropical escape without having to leave the country, Honolulu is your best bet. This Hawaiian city is famous for its sandy beaches and crystal-clear waters. When you need a break from lounging on the beach, take a stroll through Waikiki or visit Diamond Head State Monument for incredible views of Honolulu and beyond. And don’t forget to sample some of Hawaii’s delicious cuisine while you’re here—after all, who doesn’t love pineapple?

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