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Ten Fun Facts about Mercury

fun facts about Mercury
fun facts about Mercury

The smallest and closest planet to the sun is Mercury.

It is the fastest-moving planet due to its 87.97-day orbital period around the Sun. Mercury is generally hidden by clouds or lost in the glare of the Sun, making it difficult to see from Earth. However, during a total solar eclipse, the Moon appears as a tiny black dot silhouetted against the Sun’s dazzling surface when it passes between Mercury and Earth.

Here are ten fun facts about Mercury:

1. Because it appears to travel across the sky so fast, it was given the name of the Roman god of commerce and messenger of the gods.

2. Its atmosphere, which is made up of oxygen, sodium, hydrogen, helium, and potassium, is extremely thin.

3. As a result of meteorite collisions, Mercury’s surface is covered in craters.

4. It lacks rings or moons.

5. Despite the presence of water, you wouldn’t want to swim in Mercury’s oceans because of its proximity to the sun, where evaporating water would send you rocketing into space!

6. Mercury’s surface may go as hot as 427 degrees Celsius during the day and -173 degrees Celsius at night! Mercury has cooler temperatures than Pluto despite being nearer to the Sun. Mercury’s side that is facing away from the Sun can reach a temperature of -173 degrees Celsius (-279 Fahrenheit).

7. The sun would rise on Mercury about every 176 Earth days if you were standing on the planet’s surface. On Mercury, a day lasts 176 days on Earth. This is due to the fact that Mercury rotates on its axis incredibly slowly, taking 59 days on Earth to complete one full rotation.

8. Although it is currently unknown for sure, experts think that some of its craters might be hiding water ice. Scientists think that water formerly freely flowed on the surface of mercury, despite the fact that it currently appears to be a dry wasteland. In a few of mercury’s craters, there have been traces of water discovered.

9. Mercury’s iron core, which accounts for 62% of its total mass, is thought to have formed long ago as a result of a massive impact.

10. Mercury has what we refer to as “day” and “night” sides because, like Venus, one side is constantly facing the sun and the other is always facing away from it.

Ten Fun Facts about Mercury



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