Selena Gomez Tops the Music Charts with New Single ‘Lose You To Love Me

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Pop superstar Selena Gomez has reached the top of the music charts again with her latest single, ‘Lose You To Love Me’. This emotional track is her first number one single since 2015 and has set a new record for Gomez, who has now become the most-listened artist among females on Spotify.

The Making of a Hit Song

Gomez wrote ‘Lose You To Love Me’ with the help of songwriting partners last year, reportedly inspired by her former relationship with Justin Bieber. The emotional track has resonated with millions of people around the world, soaring to the top of the charts on both sides of the Atlantic.

Success Around the World

The single has seen huge success over the globe, reaching the Billboard Hot 100’s Top 10 in the US, and topping the music charts in countries including Australia, Canada and New Zealand. ‘Lose You To Love Me’ is Gomez’s first Top 40 single in the UK, reaching number 24 in its first week of release.

What’s Next for Selena?

Gomez’s fans are already eagerly awaiting her next release, which will become her second studio album since her 2015 album ‘Revival’. There’s no official release date yet, but plenty of speculation about who will be involved in the production.

What We Can Learn from Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez’s success in the music industry, despite her struggles with mental health and personal issues, is a reminder for us all to be creative, resilient, and never give up on their passions.

A Few Facts about Selena Gomez

To finish off, here are a few facts about Selena Gomez that you may not know:

    1. Gomez has been one of the most followed people in the world since 2016, with over 145 million followers on Instagram.
    1. She is the most nominated woman in the MTV Video Music Award’s history.
    1. Selena is the first artist to reach 1 billion streams on Apple Music.
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