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Meghan Markle was a ‘scapegoat for the Palace’ and the victim of a ‘war’ against her, explosive Netflix trailer claims

HM 071222 Harry%2520&%2520Meghan Archival Kitchen 1
HM 071222 Harry%2520&%2520Meghan Archival Kitchen 1

A friend of Meghan’s, Lucy Fraser, continues, ‘Meg became this scapegoat for the palace so they would feed stories on her, whether they were true or not, to avoid other less favourable stories being printed.’

The Duchess of Sussex claims she saw the situation play out for herself, saying, ‘A story about someone in the family would pop up for a minute, and then they would be like “oh, we’ve got to make that go away”. But there’s real estate on a website homepage, there is real estate on a newspaper front cover, and something has to be filled in there about someone royal.’ 

Afia adds, ‘This barrage of negative articles about the breakdown in the relationship with her father was the final straw in a campaign of negative, nasty coverage about her.’

Buckingham Palace has yet to release a formal statement in response to any of the claims made by the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. 

Prince Harry does not feature in this latest teaser but, in a trailer released yesterday, he did accuse an unnamed person or group of ‘lying to protect’ his brother, Prince William.

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