How To Hide Games From Friends On Steam

Steam is an entertaining cloud-based game library that is known. Users create accounts to save different games after purchase. This means you can download big sizes of different interesting games on steam and still have enough space available on your device. It has a lot of other exciting features for its users. However, in this article, we will be focused on how to go private in the steam world. Perhaps, you’re a steam player and you will want to appear private, you sure need to know how to hide the Steam games you’re playing from your mates because hiding games permit you to secretly access games that are in your library, with you having the option to screen your games and change your profile from those in your list and stopping those you know from seeing what possible titles are in your game library.

So, how would you hide what Steam games you’re playing… let’s begin.

How to hide Steam games from friends

To hide games while playing them, you’ll have to do the following:

  1. Open your Steam app
  2. Select ‘friends and Chat’ in the base right corner
  3. Select the down-drop arrow in your profile
  4. Click on ‘invisible’

To conceal your games while making it seem like you are still actively online, you’ll have to make your profile private by tapping on Privacy Settings in your profile, then, at that point, choose the ‘Private‘ option in the ‘Game details’ menu.

How to hide specific Steam games

To keep your friends from seeing specific games that you’re playing without making your profile private, follow the instructions below:

  1. Open steam.
  2. While still private, open the game you want to start playing.
  3. Open a second game on Steam.
  4. Return to the option and appear available.

Steam will always show you as playing games and still online, so assuming you open something in your library and keep it running behind the scenes, Steam won’t show the game you’re attempting to hide.

Moreover, to hide the games in your library you can right-click on any game you want to hide, select ‘Manage,‘ then, at that point click on hide this game‘ Note that this will just conceal it in your library, implying that the only persons who will not have the option to see it is you and anyone who has contact to your Steam game library.

How to conceal recent Steam game activity

To conceal ongoing Steam games from your friends, you should go over to your profile and change your security settings. From that point, you can conceal your new activities like newly download games from your friends and keep them from seeing what you’ve played recently. To do this, follow these steps:

  1. Open Steam
  2. Click your username to get to your profile
  3. Go to ‘Privacy Settings’
  4. Select ‘Private’ in the ‘Game details’ dropdown menu

This is the best way to keep friends from seeing your game movement on Steam, being that there is no alternate method for keeping friends from exploring your profile and seeing your new action.

Be cautioned that when you renew this setting to ‘Friends only,’ your game movement will be on full showcase every time.

How to hide Steam games from specific friends

Assuming there are just a couple of friends you need to cover the Steam games you’re playing from, you can hide your game movement from friends without it affecting your whole friends’ list. To do this, you really want to obstruct them by doing the following:

  • Open Steam
  • Go to ‘friends and Chat’ in the base right corner
  • Select the dropdown menu close to a friend’s name and afterward ‘Manage’
  • tap on ‘block or mute all communications’

When your friends are active to check on your recent games, it will basically look like you are disconnected and when they explore your profile, it will be displayed as private. While unblocking them will make your game action and online status show up indeed, briefly play a game without a particular friend knowing, this is a simple method for doing it without them realizing that they’ve been blocked.

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