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Rustic Elegance: Princess Diana’s Rural Looks

BANGKOK, THAILAND - DECEMBER 19: Wax figure of the famous Princess Diana from Madame Tussauds on December 19, 2015 in Bangkok, Thailand
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In the 1980s, Princess Diana single-handedly crafted the ideal look for countryside outings. Her effortless blend of rustic and elegance was accessible to everyone, demonstrating that sophisticated style isn’t only reserved for the formal event. In this article, we’ll explore the iconic style of Princess Diana from the countryside.


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The Perfect Blend of Rustic and Elegance: Princess Diana’s Countryside Style

Princess Diana held the title of ‘the people’s princess’ throughout her life; her influence against social conventions and ability to dress authentically showcased a woman with charisma. From tweed suits, to straw hats and scentless pearls; she revitalized the norm of countryside outings with her unique twist on traditional elegance.

She navigated the art of dressing down, exposing cashmere and chinos, ideal for the afternoon walk in the country. She shared an affinity with nature and this was manifested in her wardrobe; she stunned in earthy tones and embraced traditional patterns, believing accessories could work with the landscape. She incorporated her favorite staples into her country ensembles; such as silk scarves casually tied around her neck and lace layered with denim.

Princess Diana at Accord Hospice

Exploring Diana’s Chic Wardrobe from the Countryside

One of Princess Diana’s most notorious rural looks was her timeless Burberry tweed suit; it embodied effortless elegance and a certain timely sophistication. The jacket featured the signature ‘Burberry Heritage’ tartan which was accented with gold buttons, perfectly paired with light-colored trousers. To complete the outfit, She often draped a classic cream cashmere or silk scarf draped around her neck and a straw panama hat with a slight tilt on top of her head. Princess Diana often accentuated her countryside looks with equestrian inspired accessories such as suede boots, brown leather gloves and a selection of brown leather handbags. She often piled on the pearls, with an array of simple necklaces, showcasing the timelessness of her classic look.

Emulating Princess Diana’s Rustic Elegance for Your Next Rural Outing

In order to achieve the perfect balance of rustic and elegance, the right silhouette is paramount. A neutral color palette is ideal for countryside pursuits, ranging from creams to blush tones to classic navy. Chinos, denim and classic blazers are the ideal pieces to dress up or down as desired. Accessories can make an outfit; a wide brimmed hat and belt can instantly add a touch of sophistication to any ensemble. A classic quilted or suede bag contrasts well against an elegant tweed blazer, whilst a pair of suede ankle boots elevates the transformative appeal of any look.


In the 1980s, Princess Diana crafted the ideal look for rural pursuits with her unique combination of rustic and elegance. From cream cashmere and classic tweed suits to versatile belts and timeless pearls; Princess Diana’s audience continues to be inspired by her incomparable countryside style. By embracing the classic staples of the British countryside, you can achieve your own version of Princess Diana’s timelessly chic and rustically elegant look.

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