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As the years go by, slackening skin can become more prominent: however, there are solutions that can help. Our list of the very best people to see for thread lifts in the UK is a lifeline when the face (or indeed, other areas of the body) are starting to sag – with a bespoke range of options (so you can find the treatment best suited to your needs). Promising a swift, knife-free alternative to traditional skin lifting procedures, the techniques that have been mastered by our featured doctors are designed not only to elevate the skin: but also to tighten the underlying muscles, improve skin quality and even stimulate collagen (they work beautifully in combination with dermal fillers and skin-boosters such as Profhilo). And although these procedures won’t replace a surgical facelift, they might delay it, while repositioning the skin in a way that makes the face and neck appear newly youthful – if only for a short while. (While you’re there, why not ask about thread lifts for other areas of the body, such as the knees or bottom?). Don’t forget the hi-tech add-ons, such as Ultralift, which helps to reduce swelling and minimise downtime – leaving you looking, and feeling, uplifted.

Dr Jean-Louis Sebagh
Sebagh is known for two things: his thick French accent and a wildly futuristic approach to the face. Threads are his forte, and the former surgeon does something that no other doctor does. ‘I lift the muscle,’ he explains, ‘just like you would in a surgical neck lift.’ His trick is to delve deep, picking up the platysma (the rope- like muscle, either side of the neck, that drags the lower face down) with a pre-threaded needle, enabling him to reposition it, reducing jowls and sharpening the jawline. It takes about two weeks for the face to settle (lymphatic drainage, courtesy of his Korean Ultralift machine, helps to take down any swelling). ‘If you keep a steady weight then the effect will last for three years, maybe even four,’ says Sebagh, who inserts his threads in a ring formation to firm and lift the derrière. But he’s also fascinated by nano-fat: ‘We harvest your fat, break it down, make a “soup” out of it, and then inject it into the face,’ he enthuses about the technique, which transforms a sun-damaged dermis into baby-soft skin. A fresher face awaits.
Consultation, complimentary; deep-plane thread lift, from £2,500 (

Dr Charlotte Woodward, Dorset (new entry)
River Aesthetics’ glamorous co-founder is one of the UK’s leading thread lifters – but so is her business partner Dr Victoria Manning, and together the pair have created a gleaming clinic that has put the South West firmly on the map. Woodward’s approach is twofold: to elevate a fallen face (her Silhouette Soft threads are a reliable option) and to enhance skin quality. River Aesthetics was one of the first clinics to use the recently relaunched Aptos thread, which stimulates the formation of collagen while hydrating the tissues. ‘It’s like a tightly wound spring,’ explains Woodward. ‘Once inserted, we massage the area and it expands, bringing volumisation.’ (It smooths nose-to-mouth lines superbly, and can also be used to plump up the labia.) She also uses collagen-spurring Ellansé – perhaps to rebuild the temples or strengthen the jaw. Post-procedure, patients are dispatched with ice packs, chocolate and a supportive pillow. ‘Many women who come for a thread lift have never had anything done before – so this is a big thing for them,’ says Woodward. ‘Looking after them, and their emotional state, is critical.’
Consultation, £50, redeemable against treatment; Silhouette Soft, from £2,500; Aptos face, from £2,500; Ellansé, from £400 (

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