7 Fascinating Facts You Never Knew About The Backstreet Boys

7 Fascinating Facts You Never Knew About The Backstreet Boys

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The Backstreet Boys have risen from a bunch of teenage boys from Orlando to global superstars! They have had a phenomenally successful career and have made waves on the global stage of pop music. Here are seven fascinating facts you never knew about the Backstreet Boys!

1. The Group Was Founded by a Married Couple

Believe it or not, the Backstreet Boys were founded by a married couple! After meeting at a Orlando talent show in 1993, Lou Pearlman and his wife Christine O’Neil, decided to start a band. The original members were AJ Mclean, Brian Littrell, Howie Dorough, Kevin Richardson and Nick Carter.

2. The Name Backstreet Boys Came from a Magazine

The group’s name actually came from a computer magazine. Lou Pearlman, who was running a talent show back in 1992, was looking for a catchy name for the band when a copy of the magazine caught his eye. He liked the design and the vibes from the magazine, and decided that the group would be called the Backstreet Boys.

3. AJ McLean Tried Out for The Monkees

AJ McLean was the lead singer of the group, and he had some interesting experiences even before becoming a part of the boys. Before the Backstreet Boys were formed, AJ McLean tried his best to get a role in the popular TV show “The Monkees”. He was successful in getting the part and even filmed a couple of scenes, although they were never aired.

4. They Had a Brief Break-up in 2002

In 2002, Kevin Richardson decided to leave the group, leading to a brief break-up. After the break-up, the guys went on to pursue their separate projects, such as solo albums and acting gigs. The break-up only lasted for a couple of years and the group reformed in 2005 for their comeback album “Never Gone”.

5. The Group Have Sold More Than 130 Million Records

The Backstreet Boys have sold an incredible 130 million records worldwide. They have also achieved fourteen top-ten singles and nine number-one singles in the US.

6. They’re the Most Sold Boy Band of All Time

Since their formation, the Backstreet Boys have become one of the most successful boy bands of all time. The group is one of the most successful boy bands to date and have sold more records than any other boy band in history.

7. They’ve Won Several Awards

The Backstreet Boys have achieved an incredible amount of success and have won a number of awards. They have been nominated for twelve Grammy Awards, three American Music Awards and thirteen MTV Video Music Awards. They have also won two World Music Awards, four Billboard Music Awards and two Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards.

The Backstreet Boys’ amazing success story is an inspiration to all struggling artists everywhere. Their story is a proof that anything is possible and dreams can come true if you work hard and have passion for what you do.

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