7 Fascinating Facts About Society you Probably Didn’t Know

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7 Fascinating Facts About Society You Probably Didn’t Know


Society consists of individuals sharing a common culture, norms, and values. It is no doubt that society is a complex structure that operates through diverse factors. Nevertheless, there are still surprising and exciting things to learn about society that you may not have known before. This article outlines seven fascinating facts about society that will change your perspective of how the world operates.

    1. Social Media Features and Psychological Effects

Social media had become part of our daily lives. It is a platform that has revolutionized how humans connect, communicate, and socialize. However, did you know that social media platforms’ features such as likes, shares, and comments have psychological effects on individuals? According to a study conducted by the Royal Society for Public Health and the Young Health Movement, social media platforms significantly affect individual behavior, sleep patterns, cycles, and emotional well-being. Social media likes, comments, and shares instill a sense of validation that can affect the emotional well-being of an individual.

    1. First Inhabitants of the United States

The United States population consists of individuals from various ethnicities, races, and cultures. Did you know that the first inhabitants of the United States were Native Americans? Native Americans migrated from Asia and lived in the United States for thousands of years before European settlers arrived. Today, Native Americans make up only 1.6% of the US population, and their culture and traditions continue to fascinate scholars and researchers worldwide.

    1. Social Stratification and Social Mobility

Social stratification determines how individuals and groups are ranked in society based on their social status, economic power, and political influence. Social mobility, on the other hand, is the ability of individuals to move from one social class to another. Social stratification and social mobility are important factors that affect how individuals live their lives. While some countries have high social mobility rates, others have rigid social stratification systems that make it almost impossible for individuals to move up the social ladder.

    1. Leonardo da Vinci’s Painting – Mona Lisa

Mona Lisa is one of the world’s most fascinating paintings housed in the Louvre Museum. It is renowned for its enigmatic smile, which compels viewers to gaze into her eyes. Did you know that Mona Lisa’s painting depicts a woman named Lisa Gherardini? She was a noblewoman from Florence, Italy, and the wife of a merchant named Francesco del Giocondo. Leonardo da Vinci painted Mona Lisa after Franceso del Giocondo commissioned him to do so.

    1. Urbanization

Urbanization is the process of rural areas becoming transformed into urban areas. It involves people migrating from rural areas to urban areas in search of better living conditions and job opportunities. Did you know that by 2050, over 66% of the world’s population is expected to live in urban areas? This trend has been on the rise since the industrial revolution, and it has contributed to the growth of cities and metropolitan areas.

    1. The Emancipation Proclamation

The Emancipation Proclamation is an executive order signed by Abraham Lincoln on January 1, 1863. It declared that “all persons held as slaves within any state or designated part of a state, the people whereof shall then be in rebellion against the United States, shall be then, thenceforward, and forever free.” This order was crucial in the abolition of slavery in the United States and marked a turning point in American history.

    1. Incidence of Mental Illness in Society

Mental illness refers to a broad range of mental health conditions that affect an individual’s thinking, mood, behavior, and overall functioning. Did you know that one in every four people globally will experience mental health issues at some point in their lives? Mental illness is a significant public health concern that affects individuals of all ages, races, and cultures. It is crucial to break the stigma surrounding mental illness and provide access to mental health services and support.


In conclusion, society is complex, diverse, and ever-changing. The above facts are fascinating and provide insights into different aspects of society that you may not have known before. Understanding and appreciating these facts contribute to your comprehension and appreciation of society and its intricate workings.
7 Fascinating Facts About Society you Probably Didn’t Know

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