5 Surprising Facts About Celebrities and Happiness

5 Surprising Facts About Celebrities and Happiness

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What are good things about celebrities?

Perks of Being a Celebrity Being richer. Obviously the greatest advantage of being a celebrity, Recognized locally and globally. Famous personalities are recognized wherever they go, Various opportunities, Have supporting fans, Get special treatment everywhere they go, No privacy, Paparazzi, Stalker

Celebrities often seem like they have it all – money, fame, success – but does this really lead to true happiness? Here are 5 surprising facts about celebrities and happiness:

1. Not All Rich People Are Happy

A study by Elizabeth Dunn, an associate professor of psychology at the University of British Columbia, found that being wealthy did not guarantee true happiness. Dunn’s study polled people in locations ranging from the Philippines to North America and found that, on the contrary, “being poor is consistently linked to emotional misery but being rich fails to boost happiness.”

2. People Tend to Compare Their Lives to Others’

It’s common for people to make comparisons between their lifestyle and those of celebrities, which often leads to feelings of dissatisfaction and envy. A famous example is Orlando Bloom, who has talked about his own struggles with self-confidence in interviews. This kind of revelation drives home the idea that even celebrities struggle with confidence, and are far from perfect.

3. Most Celebrities Embrace Realistic Goals

Having success in their careers does not automatically make celebrities feel secure about themselves. Instead, most of them embrace living with realistic goals, striving for balance instead of perfection. Gwyneth Paltrow has been vocal about her desire to be the best version of herself instead of trying to be flawless.

4. Celebrities Suffer Just as Much Stress as Anybody Else

Fame may make celebrities feel on top of the world but it also comes with a ton of stress. Commonly known as the ‘riches to rags’ syndrome, many celebrities have experienced hardships due to its fame and money, and dealt with depression, anxiety, and addiction.

5. Money Can Help You Buy Time

Unlike what many people believe, money can help you buy time, the ultimate commodity that can help you find true happiness. Many famous people make sure to cherish moments with their family and friends, something that money can facilitate.

Many celebrities are constantly sought after, making it seem as if true happiness comes from impossible things. Although fame can make it seem like money guarantees happiness, it’s actually about making sure you are content with your life and the people you share it with.

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