5 Fascinating Facts About Ryan Reynolds

5 Fascinating Facts About Ryan Reynolds

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What nice things has Ryan Reynolds done?

5 Fascinating Facts About Ryan Reynolds, In addition, he helped raise funds for relief efforts following the 2010 Haiti earthquake. Reynolds supported Vancouver’s Covenant House, which provides shelter to runaways and the homeless, and Hope North, a high school in Uganda that educates former child soldiers.

Fascinating Facts About Ryan Reynolds is an actor, comedian, producer, and business magnate from Canada. He has starred in some of Hollywood’s biggest hits and has become one of the most bankable stars in the world. Here are 5 fascinating facts about the actor that you probably didn’t know.

1. He Was a Canadian National Soccer Player

Surprisingly, Ryan Reynolds was a soccer player before he found his fame in Hollywood. Growing up, he strongly pursued a career as a professional soccer player, and his dream was to make it to the Canadian National Team. He was even on the Vancouver Whitecaps’ roster. Unfortunately, an injury in high school derailed his dream and he eventually shifted his focus to the entertainment business.

2. He Has a Big Heart

More Fascinating Facts About Ryan Reynolds is known to have a big heart when it comes to charities and philanthropy. He is a long-standing supporter of SickKids Foundation, which helps children with life-threatening illnesses. He also supports other charities such as Make-A-Wish Foundation and The Humane Society which supports animal protection.

3. He Is a Self-Taught Chef

Although Fascinating Facts About Ryan Reynolds isn’t a professionally trained chef, he says that he learned how to cook by reading cook books and watching cooking shows. He likes to whip up meals for his family and friends, and is known to be the official chef of his household, serving up delicious dishes like mac and cheese and ribs.

4. He Is an Avid Aviator

Ryan Reynolds is a licensed helicopter pilot and he also loves to fly airplanes. He got his certificate in 2005 and has gone on to own three luxurious helicopters. He enjoys taking his family on private flights, especially to his holiday destination in Canada during summer.

5. He Had a Banquet to Celebrate His 40th Birthday

Back in 2017, Ryan Reynolds celebrated his 40th birthday in a royal affair. He had a royal-themed banquet at a private venue, where he was joined by some of his closest family and friends. He dressed up as a king and had a cake decorated with the phrase ‘Happy 40th Birthday King Ry’, which was fit for royalty!


Ryan Reynolds is an exceptional actor and a great human being, who loves to give back to the community and live life to the fullest. From being a soccer player to a helicopter pilot, he has certainly achieved a lot, and there is still much more to come from this captivating Hollywood star.

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