10 Fun Facts To Spice Up Your Conversation

16544 10 fun facts to spice up your conversation
16544 10 fun facts to spice up your conversation

10 Fun Facts To Spice Up Your Conversation

We all love to chit chat, but sometimes conversations can get a little boring. Want to add some fun to your small talk? Here are some of the most interesting facts that you can use to spruce up any conversation.

1. Every year, there’s one day when all of the clocks in the world are exactly the same.

Just once a year do all the clocks around the earth synchronize, and this is known as “International Clock Sync Day”.

2. Margaret Beach wrote the shortest-ever novel with exactly 17 syllables.

The title of the novel is “The Story of Harold”, and it tells the story of a man’s quest to find inner peace in only 17 syllables.

3. Most coconuts available in grocery stores are actually drunk.

Coconuts grow on palms and are equipped with a special organ that allows them to drink and transport water.

4. It’s illegal to keep just one guinea pig in Switzerland.

Guinea pigs are social animals, so in Switzerland it’s illegal to keep a single guinea pig.

5. In Japan, there’s a frog that sings “La Cucaracha”

Frogs in Japan have been known to serenade humans with their version of the classic Mexican folk song, “La Cucaracha”.

6. In Peru, Vicuñas are valued more than gold.

Vicuñas are animals found in the Andes mountains and their wool is so valuable that it is worth more than gold.

7. The Dalai Lama once won a Nobel Peace Prize.

The Dalai Lama won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1989.

8. The Mona Lisa doesn’t have any eyebrows.

The Mona Lisa painting doesn’t have any eyebrows because the fashion at the time did not include them.

9. Some restaurants in Japan serve pancakes with faces on them.

In Japan, some restaurants serve pancakes that have faces drawn on them by their talented chefs.

10. There are over 400,000 known species of beetles.

Beetles make up 40% of all known insects and there are over 400,000 known species of them!

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