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10 Fun Facts Everyone Should Know

dog in disguise stockpack unsplash scaled
dog in disguise stockpack unsplash scaled

1) Did you know that the fear of chocolate is called ‘Chocophobia’? It’s true! Although the specific cause of it is unknown, those who suffer from Chocophobia often report feelings of anxiety, nausea and even dizziness when around the sweet treat.

2) Did you know that the Queen of England doesn’t need a driving license? What’s even more interesting is that it’s also illegal for her to drive. So, no, Queen Elizabeth doesn’t even need to pass a written or practical driving test!

3) Did you know that only 1% of the world’s currency is physical money? This means that almost all of the money in the world today is actually digital, stored in various banks and financial institutions.

4) Did you know that the most common phobia in the world is ‘Aerophobia’? That’s right – fear of flying! Those who suffer from Aerophobia have intense fear and anxiety when a plane is taking off or even just thinking about flying.

5) Did you know that the world’s oldest tree is over 9,400 years old? This tree, located in Sweden, is a spruce called ‘Old Tjikko’. Scientists believe that this remarkable tree could be up to 10,000 years old.

6) Did you know that honey never goes bad? In fact, archaeologists have found honey that is thousands of years old and surprisingly still edible! This is mostly due to the low moisture content, as well as natural antimicrobial and antibacterial compounds found in honey.

7) Did you know the smallest mammal in the world is the ‘Bumblebee Bat’? These tiny animals weigh in at only 2-3 grams and measure in at just a few inches long!

8) Did you know that cats have been around for longer than humans? This is true – scientists estimate that cats have been living on earth for around 12,000 years, compared to humans who first appeared on the planet around 200,000 years ago.

9) Did you know that the scientific name for a chicken’s ‘comb’ is ‘crista galli’? This is a small, fleshy growth situated atop a chicken’s head – and yes, the scientific name sounds a bit strange!

10) Did you know that ostriches can’t fly, but they can run up to 45 miles an hour? That’s faster than any human! Their long, powerful legs are able to propelling them to such impressive speeds.

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