10 Fun Facts About the World

16423 10 fun facts about the world
16423 10 fun facts about the world

10 Fun Facts About the World

1. The world’s tallest mountain is Mount Everest.

Mount Everest is located in the Himalayan mountain range in Asia, between Nepal and China. It stands at 8,848 meters (29,029 ft) above sea level.

2. The smallest country in the world is Vatican City.

Vatican City is a sovereign city-state located in Rome, Italy. It is only 0.44 square kilometers in size, making it the world’s smallest country.

3. The world’s longest river is the Nile.

The Nile is the longest river in the world, stretching 6,853 km (4,258 mi). It is located in northeastern Africa, flowing through the countries of Egypt, Sudan, Ethiopia, Uganda, and Kenya.

4. The world’s largest ocean is the Pacific Ocean.

The Pacific Ocean covers approximately one-third of the Earth’s surface and contains about half of the world’s oceanic water. It is also the deepest ocean in the world, reaching a depth of 11,033 m (36,198 ft).

5. There are 196 countries in the world.

There are 196 countries recognizable by the United Nations and a few more that haven’t been officially recognized. India is the world’s most populous country, with over 1.35 billion citizens.

6. The longest country in the world is Russia.

Russia is the world’s largest country, spanning 17.1 million sq km (6.6 million sq mi). It stretches across two continents, Europe and Asia, making it the longest country in the world.

7. The world’s highest waterfall is Angel Falls.

Angel Falls is located in Venezuela and is the world’s highest uninterrupted waterfall, with a height of 979 m (3,212 ft).

8. The oldest living tree is the Bristlecone Pine.

The Bristlecone Pine is a species of pine tree found in the mountains of California and Utah. The oldest living specimen is estimated to be around 4,600 years old.

9. The world’s highest peak outside of the Himalayas is Aconcagua.

Aconcagua is located in their Andes mountain range in South America and stands at 6,962 m (22,841 ft) above sea level.

10. The world is made up of 7 continents.

The 7 continents of the world are Asia, Africa, North America, South America, Europe, Australia, and Antarctica. Asia is the most populous continent with more than 4.6 billion people while Antarctica is the least populous with less than 1,000 permanent residents.

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