10 Fascinating Facts About The World

16548 10 fascinating facts about the world
16548 10 fascinating facts about the world

10 Fascinating Facts About The World

The world is filled with many wonders and amazing facts. Here are 10 of the most fascinating facts about the world that you may not have known:

1. The Earth Is Not a Perfectly Round Sphere

The Earth is not a perfect sphere due to its rotation and gravitational forces. It’s actually an oblate spheroid, meaning it is slightly flattened at the poles.

2. The Water Cycle Is Older Than The Earth Itself

The water cycle, which drives rain and water movement on our planet, actually started before Earth existed. It is thought to have been in motion at least 4.6 billion years ago, although the Earth itself is just 4.5 billion years old.

3. The Dead Sea Is The Saltiest Body Of Water On Earth

The Dead Sea, which is located between Jordan and Israel, is the saltiest water in the world with over 50% salts and minerals.

4. The World’s Largest River By Discharge Is The Amazon

The Amazon River is the largest river in the world by discharge and water volume, releasing more water than any other river or stream on the planet.

5. The Largest Mountain Range In The World Is The Mid-Ocean Ridge

The Mid-Ocean Ridge is a vast underwater mountain chain that encircles the Earth. It is the largest mountain range in the world at over 65,000 miles long.

6. Most Of The Oxygen On Earth Is Produced By Phytoplankton

Phytoplankton are tiny floating organisms responsible for producing around 70% of the oxygen on Earth.

7. Antarctica Is The Driest Place On Earth

Antarctica is the driest place on Earth as it receives very little precipitation. It is also the coldest place on the planet and has the highest average elevation.

8. The World’s Deepest Point Is The Mariana Trench

The Mariana Trench is the deepest point in the ocean, located in the northwest Pacific Ocean. It is nearly 11 km (6.8 miles) deep.

9. The Earth Is Tilted On Its Axis

The Earth is actually tilted on its axis by 23.5 degrees. This tilt is responsible for the seasons that we have and the length of day and night.

10. The World’s Coldest Temperature Has Reached -90 °C (-129 °F)

The coldest temperature ever recorded on Earth was -90 °C (-129 °F). This temperature was recorded in Antarctica at the Vostok Station in 1983.

We hope you enjoyed these 10 fascinating facts about the world!

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