10 Chelsea legends with the best club players in history

10 Chelsea legends with the best club players in history

The London club became a Premier League champion five times in the XXI century. Chelsea managed to build a formidable team, and multiple players became legends for the many years to come, thanks to the silverware they won. Let’s check on the best of them.


1. Ricardo Carvalho

The solid Portuguese defender performed for the English club from 2004 to 2010 and won the PL title 3 times. Before that, he played for Porto, and he did not make the first team at once, having been on loan. He was called to England by Jose Mourinho when, having headed the club, he discovered that Chelsea lacked a leading central defender. Unlike now, when they have the most solid defence in the league, conceding three goals in seven games. This statistic helps bettors understand what results to expect from the next match. Before choosing where to make bets, it is better to check reviews, such as https://bookmaker-ratings.com/review/island-casino-review/.


Carvalho also played for the Portuguese national team and was reliable there. However, he once loudly announced his departure from the national team after a conflict with the coach, but then returned and won the European Championship in 2016.


2. Petr Cech

This Chelsea goalkeeper once suffered a depressed skull fracture: an injury from which recovery is complicated and sometimes unsuccessful. However, the Czech goalkeeper managed to return to the field even before the doctors’ appointment. True, he started to play in a special protective helmet.


Petr joined the club in 2004, but he left for “Arsenal” for three seasons before completing his playing career. Then he returned to his hometown club, but as sporting director. However, Chelsea included his name in the club’s application for the 2020 season. The management attributed him as insurance if one of the current goalkeepers falls ill with the coronavirus.


3. Joe Cole

The reliable midfielder began his career at West Ham United and became captain of that team but left unexpectedly for Chelsea in 2003. However, he stated that the reasons for the move were political rather than financial, much to the confusion of reporters. He played at the club for 7 years.


Cole participated for his national team in 3 World Cups. In 2006, in a game against Sweden, he scored the famous away goal with a shot to the top of the nine.


4. Ruud Gullit

The famous Dutch footballer joined Chelsea at the dawn of his playing career as a free agent. However, he played pretty brightly. First, coach Glenn Hoddle put him in the libero position, where Gullit played safely and tenaciously, but partners often did not understand his intricate transmissions. Then Ruud was moved to midfield, and things got much better.


After Hoddle led England, Gullit was appointed head coach of the club. The team immediately won the FA Cup, becoming the first foreign coach to take this trophy. However, when the club was in second place, he was unexpectedly sacked without explanation the following season. Gullit is still heavily resentful of the club’s management.


5. Branislav Ivanovic

Ivanovic played for Chelsea between 2008 and 2017 before leaving for Zenit St Petersburg. The player had tremendous stamina. Once, in a match against Liverpool, he hurt his leg badly to the point of bleeding, but not only did he not leave the pitch, but he also scored a goal.


6. Claude Makelele

He played for Chelsea from 2003 till 2008 and won the English league title twice. He has been particularly trusted by Mourinho, making the Frenchman the key holding midfielder. The midfielder only left the Premier League for PSG as he had been a fan of that team since childhood.


Incidentally, he was born in the Congo but grew up in France and played for that country’s national team.


7.  John Obi Mikel

The Nigerian midfielder has spent eight outstanding seasons at Chelsea since 2006. During that time, he won the English league twice, the Europa League and Champions League once each.


His transfer was scandalous. It turned out that Chelsea and Manchester very much wanted a young gifted player. John was even photographed with a Manchester shirt in his hands, which seemed to sign the contract. But then the player suddenly disappeared for a few days. The media even suggested that he was kidnapped. Either way, he then reappeared only in a London hotel.


8. John Terry

Terry is one of the most famous defenders of the England team, where he played as captain. He played more than 700 games for Chelsea and was named in the FIFA World Cup four times. He has engaged in 2 Euros and 2 World Cups and scored his first goal at the new Wembley.


Terry was a Champions League winner, missing out on one Champions League final against Manchester United. That Chelsea game was one of the most heartbreaking minutes. In the penalty shoot-out, he failed to score the decisive spot-kick. After the referee’s final whistle, John even cried.


9. Michael Ballack

The famous German midfielder came to Chelsea from Bayern with an eye on international trophies. But he failed to do so, reaching the UEFA Champions League final only once and losing in the process. Moreover, in 2010 the player, being the captain of the national team of Germany, got in a match for Chelsea’s severe injury and was forced to miss the World Cup.


However, he succeeded in winning the Premier League championship.


10. Michael Essien

The Ghanaian midfielder played at Chelsea from 2005-2014, so he is the longest-serving player. He has won the Premier League twice and won the league once.

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