10 Amusing Facts About Life

10 Amusing Facts About Life

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10 Amusing Facts About Life

Life can be full of laughs and surprises! Here are 10 amusing facts about life that may give some insight into why life can be so fascinating.

1. We all have the same number of muscles

No matter how hard you try, you can’t gain or lose a muscle! That’s right, you and your friends all have the same exact number of muscles.

2. The most common human emotion is fear

It is said that fear is the next most common human emotion behind love. Fear can be caused by a variety of different things, ranging from physical threats to emotional insecurities.

3. The average human laughs 17 times a day

Humor is an essential part of life, and the average adult laughs about 17 times per day. That may sound like a lot, but it’s good to know that laughter is part of a healthy lifestyle.

4. Humans blink 17,280 times everyday

Blinking is the body’s way of keeping the eyes lubricated and protecting them from dust and other small particles. On average, individuals blink 17,280 times each day.

5. The strongest individual muscle is the tongue

Despite its size, the tongue is actually one of the strongest muscles in the human body. It’s capable of a large range of movements, from speech to eating and more.

6. It takes 17 muscles to smile

Smiling is a universal sign of joy and good mood. Although facial muscles are small and may not seem like they would require much effort, it actually takes up to 17 muscles to form a genuine smile.

7. We forget 80% of what we learn

We may think that we know and remember a lot, but it turns out that humans forget 80% of what they learn within a week. That’s why it’s important to review and practice regularly in order to form solid memories.

8. Every day, the human heart beats 100,000 times

The human heart is one of the hardest working organs on the body and it pumps 5.6 litres of blood around the body each minute. This means that each day your heart beats an impressive 100,000 times.

9. It takes longer to fall asleep on Sunday nights

Most people find that it takes them slightly longer to drift off to sleep on a Sunday night, due to the anticipation of the coming week and increased stress levels.

10. The average person walks the equivalent of three times around the world in a lifetime

The average person takes about 8,000 steps a day, which adds up to over two million steps a year. By the end of a lifetime, a person can optically walk almost three times around the world just from the steps they take everyday!

We’re all unique and have different experiences, but these amusing facts demonstrate that we’re all connected in more ways than we know.

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